Do you know these techniques to Curb Hernia Pain?

Abdominal pain in hernia reflects complicated symptoms that many patients fail to recognize. Understanding the techniques to stop the pain associated with hernia can be of great help. Get to know more about some of the techniques right here to combat severe hernia pain.

abdominal hernia pain

Knowing some of the basic measures to fight hernia can help in subsiding the problem. But the major effect will be highlighted in its symptoms. Once you spot the symptoms or any abdominal hernia pain after surgery, you can apply these techniques to control the suffering from hernia pain.

  1. Start doing physical activities

It’s medically advised to start doing some activities right after the hernia surgery. There are many benefits of moving, it helps in breathing, digestion, also increases the healing process. The moving around will automatically start to decrease the abdominal pain and inflammation of the surgery.

  1. Use hot or cold bags

Using a hot or a cold bag contributes to decreasing the pain from any surgery. However, you may consult a specialist to advise you over the usage of this technique. Some post-surgery problems require a hot bag, while other demands a cold bag. Many doctors advise for either of the two when it comes to abdominal pain from hernia.

  1. Distraction

This technique is quite easy to perform. You need to distract yourself by putting your attention elsewhere apart from the abdominal pain. Try watching TV, play some games, read your favorite book, or browse through the internet, and so on.

  1. Using the pillow

You can try and hold the pillow tightly against your incisions, which can help in lessening the pain.

  1. Using ways of relaxation

Right after the surgery, it might be difficult to keep calm, because there’s always so much to worry about. Because the worst of all is the slow healing process. You can try some of the stress-relieving processes, like muscle relaxation techniques, breathing exercises, and meditation.

These techniques can be of great help to lessen severe abdominal hernia pain. However, fighting your battle of hernia complications alone should not be an option for you. You must voice your compensation claim to the manufacturers responsible for the complications in the first place. We suggest you take help from product liability lawyers, and medical device injury lawyers to file a claim against manufacturers. If you are struggling to find one, then contact Hernia Mesh RecallVisit or dial 855-815-0586 for direct consultation.

hernia mesh recall surgery

Surgical mesh in hernia operation

Hernia mesh is a medical device used in the implant surgery during hernia repair process. It helps to reinforce the weakened tissue and also prevent the recurrence of a hernia.

A brief understanding of the hernia meshes

Typically, any surgical mesh is made of synthetic materials or of animal tissues (pigs or cows). Synthetic meshes, which are commonly used in the recent decades, are woven of absorbable material, non-absorbable material or a combination of both these materials. This is because, medical studies have shown use of hernia mesh correlates with a decrease in the hernia recurrence rate. Unfortunately, some of the hernia meshes have caused an unreasonably high number of complications that led to recall of such products from the market.

As much as 90 percent of hernia repair surgeries in the U.S. use surgical mesh. Conventional hernia surgery stitches the tissues back together however, there have been some serious complications associated with them.

Complications that led to recall

Manufacturers such as Atrium, Ethicon, Bard, Medtronic has been some of the trusted names who actually concealed the probable complications associated with the meshes.

The major health complications include:

Fistula – The most serious concern with a defective hernia mesh is formation of fistula. is a late complication of prosthetic mesh repair that is caused mainly because of chronic erosion of bowel by the mesh particles placed in contact with the intestinal loops. Sudden discharge of pus or blood, irritation around the anal region, swelling, redness and tenderness in anus, pain associated with bowel movements and fever are some of the common symptoms.

hernia mesh recall surgery

Infection – to correct a faulty implanted surgical mesh, corrective surgeries are the only way out which is linked with causing infection. Also, the signs of infection may be clinically apparent many years after the implantation. The associated pain is not only because of using synthetic mesh but for the fact that the mesh is secured with stitches can become entangled with the nerves causing chronic pain.

Dental Problems- high rate of clients have complained about the teeth becoming weak, infected, chip off after the mesh infection.

Flu-Like Symptoms- nausea, chills, fever or vomiting are common complications post the hernia repair. For instance, the Atrium C-Qur hernia mesh is made with omega 3 fatty acid coating which often provokes an immune system response fighting the infection and the mesh.

What is recall and where are the surgical mesh placed?

A recall is basically a removal or correction of a medical device. The FDA designates a class corresponding to the degree of potential harm associated with the recall items. Basically, there are three types of classes of recalls such as:

  • Class I FDA Recall

This represents the highest level of concern and is explained as the particular “product will cause serious adverse health consequences or death.”

  • Class II FDA Recall

This suggests that the medical device “may cause temporary or medically reversible adverse health consequences”.

Most of the hernia surgical mesh recalls have been designated with this recall category.

  • Class III FDA Recall

This is when the medical device is not likely to cause adverse health consequences but has a certain level of health notice associated with it.

Are you completely in dark about how to go about the defective hernia repair products? Have you been victim to serious adverse health consequences with the mesh usage? The expert house of will help to get the ideas in place and also let you know if the case is eligible for financial compensation. Visit or dial 855-815-0586 to know more.